Our Policies

Weather Policy:

  • A week before the event, Games Galore will confirm the event status and weather conditions with the customer.
  • If the event is canceled due to weather, the customer can reschedule within a year.
  • If the customer cancels within 24 hours, they could forfeit the option to reschedule. The customer must cancel 24 hours before the event to ensure an option to reschedule.
  • If Games Galore cancels the event with 24 hours or more notice, the customer can reschedule or may receive a full/partial deposit refund. Refunding is up to the discretion of the Games Galore
  • Wind speeds of 25 mph or higher and lightning will lead to game evacuation and cancellation.
  • Both parties can cancel/reschedule due to uncontrollable circumstances, and the deposit will be refunded in full.
  • If equipment fails, Games Galore will repair/replace it, and if that’s not possible, the customer can reschedule or get a full/partial deposit refund.
  • The policy may change at Games Galore’s discretion and will be communicated to customers and employees.

Refund Policy:

  • If a customer cancels a reservation more than 30 days before the scheduled start time of the event, they may be entitled to a refund. Refunds will be issued at the discretion of Games Galore management and may take up to 120 business days to process.
  • If a customer cancels a reservation less than 30 days before the scheduled start time of the event, they will not be entitled to a refund, but may have the option to reschedule their event within one calendar year, subject to availability.
  • In cases where Games Galore is unable to provide the service or product as agreed upon due to unforeseen circumstances, such as equipment failure or weather-related issues, customers may receive a partial refund at the discretion of Games Galore and Games Galore’s weather policy.
  • If a customer is dissatisfied with the quality of the service or product provided by Games Galore, they must notify the company within 24 hours of the completion of the event or receipt of the product. If Games Galore determines that a refund is warranted, the amount of the refund will be at the discretion of the company.
  • Refunds will be issued in the same form of payment used for the original transaction, unless otherwise agreed upon by Games Galore and the customer.
  • This policy is subject to change at the discretion of Games Galore management. Any changes to this policy will be communicated to employees and customers as soon as possible.

Vehicle Accessibility and Parking Policy:

  • Customers must ensure a clear area near the setup location for our large truck and a 26-foot trailer.
  • This location must be able to accommodate the turning around of our vehicle and must remain reserved throughout the event for our parking and turnaround.
  • We must have access to the inflatables during and after the event.
  • Our vehicles cannot be parked on wet grass for prolonged durations as there’s a risk of sinking.
  • If the vehicle access and parking requirements are not met, an additional fee may be charged.
  • Customers are responsible for acquiring and paying for any necessary parking permits, passes, and other associated parking expenses.
  • Games Galore reserves the right to amend this policy as necessary. Changes will be communicated promptly to customers and stakeholders.

Outdoor Events Policy:

Park Permissions:

  • Prior to hosting your event, please ensure you’ve checked with the park or venue to confirm that inflatables are permitted.
  • Most state, county, or regional parks require prior authorization before setting up inflatables.
  • Ground Conditions:
  • Grass should be trimmed to a maximum length of 4 inches. Failure to do so might result in additional fees.
  • The grass should not be wet. The determination of the grass’s wetness is at the discretion of Games Galore. If we deem the grass too wet for setup, we reserve the right not to proceed. In such cases, the customer will be granted a credit valid for one year.
  • It’s the responsibility of the customer to notify Games Galore if they suspect the grass might be too wet for setup.


  • All animal waste, be it from dogs, geese, or any other creatures, must be removed from the area. Excessive waste may lead to our decision not to set up, with credit being granted at our discretion.
  • If we arrive and the area requires cleaning, and if circumstances allow us to wait while the area is cleaned, an additional fee will be applied.
  • If we proceed with the setup despite unsanitary conditions without waiting, further fees may also apply.

Setup Surface:

  • Communication with Games Galore regarding the surface type for outdoor events is essential to ensure a successful and safe setup.
  • We offer setup solutions for various surfaces including asphalt, grass, astroturf or fake grass, and gravel.
  • For grass setups, inflatables can be secured using either sandbags or stakes. It is vital for the customer to mark the location of sprinkler heads to avoid damage, especially when stakes are used.
  • Setups on asphalt, astroturf, fake grass, and gravel typically require sandbags for safe anchoring. Sandbags will be provided by Games Galore.
  • If upon arrival the surface is not as communicated, we may not be able to proceed with the setup. In such cases, the customer will be granted a credit valid for one year. We will endeavor to cooperate and consider alternate anchoring solutions at the location, which may include leveraging existing structures like fences, trees, or other sturdy fixtures. However, utilizing these alternatives is not guaranteed and will be determined at Games Galore’s discretion to ensure safety and equipment integrity.
  • While we strive to accommodate various surfaces, the suitability and final decision on setup methods and locations rest with Games Galore.

Power Requirements:

  • Customers are responsible for providing sufficient power for the inflatable units based on the specifications provided by Games Galore.
  • If there’s uncertainty regarding power capabilities, it is advisable to consult with an electrician ahead of the event, especially for outdoor setups.
  • To ensure uninterrupted fun and to alleviate potential power concerns, customers are encouraged to inquire about Games Galore’s generator services. Available for an additional fee, our generators offer peace of mind, ensuring that the inflatables remain powered throughout the event.
  • Discrepancies between the previously communicated power availability and the actual situation on the day of the event might result in additional fees.


  • Games Galore is dedicated to ensuring a smooth event setup. To facilitate this, we offer various pre-event assessment options to gauge the suitability of your venue for inflatable installations.
  • Physical On-site Survey: Our team may visit the location to assess factors like space, surface conditions, accessibility, and power availability. While one on-site survey is typically sufficient, any additional visits requested by the customer may incur extra charges.
  • Video Survey: For added convenience, we also accommodate video surveys. Customers can share a virtual walkthrough of the venue, enabling us to identify and advise on potential setup challenges. The first video survey is offered free of charge. Should Games Galore require additional video surveys, no extra charge will be levied. However, if a customer requests more video surveys beyond the initial one, additional fees may apply.
  • Maps and Blueprints: As an added service, we utilize maps and blueprints for planning without any extra cost. While these tools provide foundational insights, the customer must ensure that all venue aspects are in alignment with feedback from Games Galore for an optimal setup experience.

Electrical Assessment:

  • While Games Galore is not an electrician service provider, we will bring along a number of blowers to plug in and test the available electrical options at the venue. If concerns arise regarding power capacity or safety during our survey, we may recommend consulting with a professional electrician to address them.
  • The decision to conduct any specific survey and potential charges associated with it rests at Games Galore’s discretion. Customers will be informed transparently of any potential costs.
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